Aloha! Meet and greet event at the Marketplace: October 19th & 23rd.
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From Your Farm to Our Families.

A simple philosophy whereby our market brings our beautiful islands fresh privately grown agriculture products and produce directly to the consumer by the farm producer owner!

Kaua'i Open Aire Markets

The Open Aire Market is a place where local farms and farm groups have an opportunity to develop their business and their personal brands directly to the public in a park like setting enhancing the public market experience while giving our vendors their own personal touch. A retail single point of sale in one of Kaua’ i Islands most visited tourist stops central to the south shore, Old Koloa Town!

A Sustainable Effort

With so many visiting Old Koloa Town we believe our community would benefit greatly by having a market such as this.

“A rising tide lifts all boats...”

- John F. Kennedy

We believe the success of this market will be the result of the good stewardship of the land, which is reflected in the quality of the produce grown here. This pride and responsibility for the land assures the best and freshest produce to our Ohana! Kaua’i Open Aire Markets is eager to promote and showcase our very talented farm producers big and small on our island. We are giving local businesses an opportunity to establish themselves in a market place that they may not otherwise be able to afford! With new revenue streams developed by our vendors and through the promotions of Kaua’ i Open Aire Markets it is our hope that our “rising tide” will become an additional successful draw to Old Koloa Town and a further asset to our local business economy.

Made for Kaua'i

The Open Aire Market provides a platform that allows micro businesses to flourish and support the community, farmers, and all of the local businesses in our area.

The Open Aire Market Story

Russell and Michele Faraldi are creating Kaua’i Open Aire Markets with the desire to give to the community a permanent market place to sell and give families and visitors a place they know they can depend on for the freshest Kaua’i grown by our own small farmers and entrepreneurs. We hope you can see what we see in Koloa Town and become part of a growing movement for sustainable, fresh and affordable produce!

How Can I Become a Vendor

Simply click the button below and download the Application on the following page! Fill it out and return it to us. We will set up a meeting with you in person and if everything checks out you will be able to set up and start selling your products and produce in our Koloa Open Aire Market.

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